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Joseph BANKO is a freelance professional photographer & photo assistant living

and working in Budapest. He is the founder of Paradignow Photography & Images.

Jozsef offers photo tours, photography lessons and workshops for photo enthusiasts from beginner

to advanced level.

Online lessons, short or long-term courses are also available.

With years of work experience in the field Jozsef can teach and help you to advance in many ways:

- how to use your camera's different modes (such as Av, Tv or full Manual mode), functions,

menus and dials,

- how to find the best angles when you choose your spot,

- framing basics, tips & tricks on composition,

- understanding the basics of exposure,

- working in manual mode,

- choosing the right settings on your camera that gives you the result you have had in your mind,

- understanding and using in-camera light metering to get the best result,

- advantage of shooting in RAW,

- etc.,

- lessons in post-processing your photos / raw files you took (e.g. an extra 1,5 hours after

the photo tour or later on over a skype video call).

Jozsef is also available to hire for photo shoots, including shoot my travel & vacation photography in and around Budapest and across Hungary.

Please send your bookings & inquiries to

or reach me on +36 20 593 7200

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